Welcome to the Law Office of Deidra N. Haynes, a law office based in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Attorney Haynes brings both legal and real world expertise from her diverse background in criminal, family, probate, personal injury, and employment law.  As a result, all clients receive the upmost personal attention.  Attorney Haynes believes in second chances; therefore, she is known as a voice for the people rather she is representing  a client involved in a personal injury claim, charged with a  criminal offense or an employee who has been wrongfully terminated/discriminated against in the work place.  

Attorney Haynes is dedicated to representing individuals resolve stressful family related issues, such as child support establishment and modifications, divorce, parenting time rights, and adoptions.   Attorney Haynes is also dedicated to assisting individuals with mental health issues to protect their rights; therefore, she advocates for the constitutional privacy rights of each client.  She believes that each client should be treated with respect and dignity.  Individuals with mental health issues should have representation to help them understand their treatment options and alternatives.  Therefore, their rights pertaining to employment, housing, and education should never be overlooked.   

Attorney Haynes represents clients in Marion, Hamilton, and Madison County, but will fight for justice in other counties to help her clients obtain justice.