We represent those who can not represent themselves.  The firm is known as a "voice" for ordinary people.  Attorney Haynes handles all types of criminal charges, including those that may seem minor, but can have a long term and negative outcome on an individuals' future.  It is  important to remember that trying to navigate through the criminal justice system  on your own can be very difficult.

Attorney Haynes is prepared to represent people charged with the following:


  • Assault & Battery

  • Drugs

  • Common Nuisance (visitor of a residence with illegal controlled substance

  • Theft/Conversion

  • Fraud


  • Hardship License

  • Klipsch Music Center Offense

  • Search & Seizure

  • Juvenile Court

  • Domestic violence


Indiana is an "at will" employment state.  At will means that either the employee may terminate the relationship at any time and for any reason - a good reason, a bad reason, or no reason at all. 

So what does this mean for employees?  Allow Attorney Haynes to explain to you what it does not mean.  It does not mean that employers can discriminate, retaliate, harass, or unlawfully terminate an employee.

The Law Office of Deidra N. Haynes will fight for employees who have been:

  • Wrongfully Terminated
  • Placed in a Hostile Work Environment
  • Discriminated against based on race, sex, color, national origin, religion, or any activity protected by the Indiana and Federal Statute